Commcounsel.com is the commercial platform for People Relations Enterprises, llc, a corporation for the marketing of knowledge Harald Ritz Au and Ivar Timm have developed. The two founders have worked together for over twenty years to discover the most obvious way why people do what they do. As a result they have created Aevodynamik, an in-depth theory which, since decades, it is the first real innovative attempt to understand the structure of communication between people.

Harald Ritz Au is a German/American sociologist, lecturer, entrepreneur and mediator, with an extensive amount of experience, who is convinced that few people are naturally troublesome, because mankind is a social animal, and therefore everyone wants to be liked. Ritz Au intends to push people out of their comfort zone to reach out for self-discovery.

Ivar Timm is a German educator, social scholar and mediator, who is driven by sheer curiosity. He is attracted by the process of social interaction all over the board, and he wants to disenchant the exorbitance of clinical disorders that experts fabricated to control people. Timm says, most mental illnesses are the illusions of pathological minds.







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